Monday, September 16, 2013

Mob Town Concept Art

Here is some concept art for my up coming game Mob Town (working title) soon to be published by 5th Street Games. Originally it had a semi-gritty mob theme with human characters. We are changing it up to animals to lighten up the theme a little and to inject a little humor as well.


I start my sketches right over the card template I made previously, then sketch using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop. Doing it this way allows me to make sure the characters are going to fit nicely on the card without key elements being cut off by frames or icons.

From here I am going to clean all these up by redrawing them by hand. I will then scan them into the computer, ink, color and shade them with Adobe Illustrator then bring them back into Photoshop for the finishing touches. Below is a sample of where these characters will soon end up. I know I am not a very good writer, so if you have any questions on my process, please ask them below and I would be happy to answer.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rocket Wreckers Final Renders

Here are the fully shaded characters I made for Rob Couch’s Rocket Wreckers prototypes. His game is going well and is a finalist in the Cards Against Humanity Table Top Death Match.